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eShots are like eBooks – just shorter. If you’re looking for something bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a… then eShots are for you. Novellas, short stories, novel excerpts, and non-fiction. All eShots are economically priced at $2.99.

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C Saving Face Saving Face…and Other Parts by Charlotte Musial

A picket fence separates Ben from his new neighbour Margot. For the past several years Ben has been in a rut, a man of habit and routine. Over the course of the summer Margot and Ben strike up a friendship and Ben decides to celebrate it by treating Margot to a home-cooked meal. If only Ben knew how to cook! As cooking utensils Ben has no idea how to use pile up in the kitchen, an unexpected visit by his ex-girlfriend during his preparation just adds to the mayhem and hilarity of the day.




Country GardenIn an English Garden by Charlotte Musial

Twin sisters Shirley and Temple emerge from Polly’s belly squalling, screeching, and competitive, six months after the death of Polly’s husband. As the years pass the twins and their older brother Poke strain Polly’s maternal love on a daily basis. When an unwelcome gift arrives from Polly’s sister in Toronto for the twins ‘to share,’ Polly knows the time has come for drastic action.



The Briad Ruth SchneiderThe Braid by Ruth Morris Schneider

 Mary, the aging mother of three contentious middle-aged daughters, quietly ruminates while each of her daughters bicker over her continued care. 

Ruth Morris Schneider lives with her husband in the Cape Breton Highlands. She wrote a series of English Language Readers for McGraw-Hill and her short stories have been published by Prairie Fire, Room, Our Canada, and Breton Books She won the Budge Wilson short story prize from the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia in 2012, and she co-authored Art Builds Community, published in 2016.

Light Hearted by Mona Anderson cover Light Hearted by Mona Anderson

Bill discovers he has a unique gift, one that delights him, but brings with it a certain amount of difficulty. As he grows to manhood he sets out on a journey to find his place in the world. Unable to achieve the recognition he seeks, he eventually returns home disillusioned. Then, just as fate offers him a career that seems a perfect fit, his rare gift is snuffed out. Bill struggles against the darkness of loneliness and confusion until an old childhood nemesis appears and kicks him awake.



The Ukrainian CousinThe Ukrainian Cousin by D.C. Troicuk

Viktor, the Ukrainian cousin, is coming. His dubious introduction to western capitalism with an unscrupulous employer sends him seeking sanctuary in the home of his Canadian aunts. The ladies are won over by the young man’s ambition. They see great things in his future. However, Terry, his layabout cousin, sees past the smiles and kisses from the outset. When he discovers the true nature of Viktor’s business plan, it is up to him to cover up more than his Ukrainian cousin’s slap-dash paint jobs.




Template eShorts Overburden Donna TroicukOverburden by D.C. Troicuk

As Deputy Examiner in a 1970s coal mine, Doc reads the level of the volatile methane gas by the flame of the Clanney lantern like a mystic reading an oracle. Then he lies awake waiting for the double blow of the whistle to signal disaster. While the author draws on the experiences of her father in the coal mines of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Overburden is not his story. But it could have been.