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Publication 2022


Queen Anne’s Treasure by Robert MacKinnon

Boularderie Island Press

ISBN: 978-1-926448-61-9 


-Autumn 2022

Queen Anne’s Treasure  is a true story that originates in England during the colonial period and ends with the tragic  wrecking  of  the frigate HMS Feversham on the rocky shore of Scatarie Island, Cape Breton, in 1711. Three of Her Majesty’s transport ships also went down that night with the Feversham, with a total loss of 107 lives. This convoy was transporting military supplies, plus gold and silver coins to Quebec to support and finance the infamous Walker Expedition.

This story tells of Britain’s military overreach in its failed attempt to drive the citizens out of New France, and recounts the great loss of life and ships that occurred as a result of the ill-fated Walker Expedition against Fortress Quebec.

It is also the compelling story of the most valuable treasure ever lost in this region—the HMS Feversham carried the rarest silver and gold coins ever to be found in North American waters.

World-renowned treasure hunter, Robert MacKinnon, takes us on a fascinating underwater journey revealing the secrets, successes and personal disappointments after his re-discovery of this famous maritime loss.

Robert MacKinnon

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Brought up on tales of pirates and rich shipwrecks lost in local waters, Robert MacKinnon born at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, felt the strong draw of the sea very early in life. Learning to scuba dive at age sixteen, he went on –  over the next half century – to become world renowned for his discoveries of shipwreck treasure, but not before serving a short stint in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He left police work to become a serious and successful treasure hunter while also working as a commercial fisherman for over forty years. His discoveries are displayed at Halifax’s Maritime Museum of the Atlantic along with many other such institutions the world over. The author is credited with finding some of the rarest gold and silver coins to be minted in the early Americas during the colonial period. T