Sandra Dunn


Sandra Dunn is a poet, who has also written and directed two plays for the Festival of One Act Plays at Cape Breton University: The Returning and Stilled Life. Her poem, The Battleground placed 2nd in CBC’s National Poetry Face-off (2008). Sandra’s poem Safe Waters was also in published in The Bright Well, Contemporary Canadian Poems about Facing Cancer (2011). Seniors Helping Seniors is a monthly column she writes for the Cape Breton Post on behalf of the Cape Breton Council of Seniors and Pensioners

Sandra lives in Whitney Pier, with her husband of 54 yrs. and her 100 + year old mother. She is justifiably proud of Whitney Writers Ink, a lively writer’s circle that has held their meetings at The Whitney Pier Museum for the past several years. Considered the facilitator, the reason is primarily because she has the keys to get in the building.

From wearing blue bloomers, to being a late bloomer, she figures with the longevity her family seems to be blessed with there’s a good 15-20 years left in to indulge in her passion for writing.

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Listen to lyrics of a song Sandra Dunn wrote to celebrate her Mom’s 100th birthday. Music and vocals by Ken Chisholm.