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Light Years by Sandra Dunn

ISBN: 978-0-9918552-5-4


79 Pages


Light Years holds the sound, feel and shape of my voice that has evolved over many years. Do you remember the first time your voice was played back to you? I cringed. I had an accent I didn’t know was there. It was harsh to my ears; nasal, flat. I have discovered another voice, my inner one. It is softer, introspective, much more reflective of me. I want to share the words of that inner voice with whoever will listen or read. Now it sounds exciting, playful, rich in texture. Sometimes it is shaped like circle destined to flow from beginning to end. Sometimes it goes out in waves, rising and falling, turbulent. My voice likes to play hide and seek. When it hides it really covers itself up. When I find it again I rejoice and let it consume the page.

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