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Shipwrecked: North of 40 by Robert MacKinnon

ISBN: 978-1-926448-25-1


Publication: Spring, 2018

Nova Scotia’s lost and forgotten treasure ships, pirates & privateers, and the Oak Island mystery decoded

Brought up on tales of pirates and rich shipwrecks lost in local waters, Robert MacKinnon born at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, felt the strong draw of the sea very early in life. Learning to scuba dive at age sixteen, he went on –  over the next half century – to become world renowned for his discoveries of shipwreck treasure, but not before serving a short stint in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He left police work to become a serious and successful treasure hunter while also working as a commercial fisherman for over forty years. His discoveries are displayed at Halifax’s Maritime Museum of the Atlantic along with many other such institutions the world over. The author is credited with finding some of the rarest gold and silver coins to be minted in the early Americas during the colonial period. The rarest being a staggering collection of silver coins minted in New England referred to in numismatic circles as the 1652 Massachusetts Silver series, discovered on a shipwreck lost in 1711 at Scatarie Island. One such coin presented at auction in the United States was subsequently resold for over two hundred thousand dollars US. His story is one of high adventure, dangerous seas, thrilling underwater locations, of pirate diplomacy in a modern context and the frustrations of dealing with unyielding, unrelenting bureaucrats.





Aubade edited by E. Alex Pierce

ISBN: 978-1-926448-26-8


Publication: Summer, 2018

Poetry and Prose from Nova Scotia Writers

A unique anthology featuring the work of Nova Scotia poets and fiction writers based on the Aubade.

The aubade — a dawn song expressing the regret of parting lovers at daybreak. The earliest European examples date from the end of the 12th century (the Provençal and German equivalents are alba and tagalied.) Some scholars believe that the aubade, which has no fixed metrical form, grew out of the cry of the medieval watchman, who announced from his tower the passing of night and return of day… Whatever its origin, the aubade is found in nearly all early poetries. Its poignancy crosses cultures. This anthology will expand the definition to include works from the narrative genres as well: fiction and essays.

This publication is made possible with the support of ARTS Nova Scotia.




Cover Some Days Run Long Proof2

Some Days Run Long by Bill Conall

ISBN: 978-1-926448-27-5


Publication: Autumn, 2018

A fine collection of short stories crafted by an award-winning author.

Bill Conall’s novel The Promised Land – a novel of Cape Breton (Boulardarie Island Press)  won the 2014 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and his earlier novel The Rock in the Water was short-listed for the same award.

Conall was born in Brockville, Ontario. A very long time ago. When he was two years old, his parents moved to Carleton Place, just west of Ottawa. Having no job or other income at the time, he decided to go with them.  In Ontario he later lived in Toronto, Gananoque, Utterson and Port Hope. Add to those the western cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, and the Heriot Bay side of Quadra Island. And now and forever, on the back side of Murray Mountain in magical Cape Breton.





Cover TwoThe Phone Book II by Mary Jane Copps

ISBN: 978-1-926448-21-3
Publication: Autumn, 2018

Cold calling, also known as prospecting – is the act of phoning and speaking with potential customers. This is a sales activity that supports a company’s growth, whether that company is a freelancer with a great idea for a magazine article, or a pharmaceutical company with a new drug for the medical community. This book examines how cold calling has changed, why it remains a valuable tool for business growth, the skills necessary today to make successful calls and the “why” behind each of these skills. Since 2006 Mary Jane has embraced her alter ego, The Phone Lady, a North American company that focuses on excellent telephone communication skills. Mary Jane has worked with over 300 clients and her expertise has been recognized throughout North America and Europe by a wide-range of business media – radio, television and print – including the Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of The Phone Book: Essential Telephone Communication Skills.