Forthcoming Titles



The Night Life of Chairs by Charlotte Musial


ISBN: 978-1-926448-23-7

Available: October 2017

In The Night Life of Chairs we meet poet Charlotte Musial, who grew up, in today’s parlance, as a ‘free-range’ kid—denizen of woods and fields, blueberry barrens and cranberry bogs, beaches, bays, and shores. Her childhood environs and experiences primed her for the Romantic Poets in high school, inspired her then, and continue to inform her adult writing life now. Readers will find echoes of their own childhoods in some of these pages and of a later maturity in others. The Night Life of Chairs is an intimate and honest collection of poetry where the author invites the reader to explore her seasons, her landscapes, her heart.

Charlotte Musial was born in Scotchtown, Cape Breton. She graduated St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing with an RN diploma, and for many years she practised  as a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Nova Scotia. Later, she graduated CBU with a BA and taught essay writing, grammar, and comprehension at that institution. Charlotte’s personal essays, features, short fiction, and poetry have found homes in local, regional, and national venues. These include The Cape Bretoner, The Atlantic Advocate, Pottersfield Portfolio, Canadian Writers Journal, and, more recently, as short fiction in anthologies published by The Nashwaak Review (St. Thomas University Press), Thirteen Ways from Sunday (Boularderie Island Press), and Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories (Third Person Press), and Breton Books.



Unleashed by Sally Barnes


ISBN: 978-1-926448-24-4

Available: September 2017

Tackers Bay Dog Park has brought together dogs and their people for decades. Made possible by the vision and generosity of one Bill Tacker and the feisty protection of Flora MacNinch, the park is once again under attack from developers and politicians who want to get their greedy hands on this valuable piece of real estate. It’s a situation Flora has encountered many times, and once more she rallies the doggers she has befriended and guided over the years to stand with her. But this time around a remnant from her past surfaces to put the whole dog park enterprise in jeopardy, perhaps even Flora herself. Unleashed will turn you loose in the green space of Tackers Bay, “Where a dog can run wild, the cool wet grass slapping its face…and the expression dog-tired applies to some of the doggers but never the dogs…where people can hear themselves think, and the sight of happy,  romping dogs of all ages, sizes, and shapes is balm for the soul…”

A career journalist, Sally Barnes has worked for several newspapers and while at The Toronto Star was elected president of the Ontario Legislative Press Gallery. She later served as Press Secretary to Ontario Premier Bill Davis for seven years. A self-confessed political junkie, she has worked in the political backrooms and on the front line as a candidate. She lives in Kingston, Ontario, with her husband and fellow dog-lover, Fred Ross and their dog Babe. Her first novel, Laughed Till They Cried, was published by Boularderie Island Press in 2014.


Official Front Cover Salt of the TurfSalt of the Turf by Michael Cosgrove


ISBN: 978-1-926448-19-0

Available: October 2017

Nova Scotia’s 71st high school football season centres around the nationally recruited Shaun Robinson, a defensive end for the Citadel Phoenix, a team vying for their sixth straight championship. But the 2013 season is a vulnerable one for Citadel. Their lack of offensive firepower forces them to rely on their stout defense, anchored by Robinson – a player everyone in the league is trying to stop. At Citadel’s helm is Coach Mike Tanner, the most successful high school football coach in Canada, and winner of 21 provincial championships. As the 2013 season begins, two of Citadel’s rivals are trying to position themselves to knock off the champs. The C.P. Allen Cheetahs of Bedford have never beaten a Tanner team in their fifteen years. When the two teams meet under the Thursday night lights of the Cheetahs’ new field, all of Bedford comes out to watch a possible shift in the city’s football power. The other challengers are the Sir. John A. Flames, whose founding coach, Al Wetmore, is a Tanner prodigy and former CFL football player. Salt of the Turf chronicles the Citadel Phoenix during their 2013 season, highlighting the inspirational journey of its best player, and periodically looking back at the memorable legacy of a remarkable coach.

Michael Cosgrove is a former football player and high school head coach. His
articles and photojournalism have appeared in Canadian Author, Access
Magazine, The Coast, and Halifax Magazine. He received his B.Ed. from the
University of British Columbia and his M.Ed in both Educational Foundations
and Curriculum Studies form Mount Saint Vincent University. Michael resides
in Dartmouth, NS with his wife and two daughters where he teaches English and Philosophy at a local high school.