Forthcoming Titles


Final coverA Hundred Poems About Flowers by Robyn Marie Butt

ISBN: 978-1-926448-29-9 
Publication:January, 2019

-the final twenty-five-

In the fourth and final volume of her poem-and-audio collaboration with Southwestern Ontario painters, Robyn Marie Butt looks at flowers as metaphor – living energetic imprints that intertwine with who we are and who we may become. In these poems, flowers sum up relationships to self and others; become emblems of struggle or survival; offer a breath of  resilience from another dimension. Flowers act as secret guides for the experiencer alone; as rebel companions, flouting solitude’s conventions. Yet Butt also examines flowers as abused for the current social lie only to open back that lie and lay it out for dissection. Somehow the bloom itself floats free, transformative energies intact – an invitation anyone can follow into new and better worlds. For this final volume, Butt has done the paintings herself.




Cover Two

The Phone Book II by Mary Jane Copps

ISBN: 978-1-926448-21-3
Publication: 2019

Cold calling, also known as prospecting, is the act of phoning and speaking with people you don’t know. While many people think this activity is “dead”, it remains an essential part of every company’s growth as well as a powerful skill when job hunting. This book examines what cold calling really means, how it has changed, why it remains a valuable communication tool and the skills necessary to inspire successful phone conversations with strangers.

Since 2006 Mary Jane has embraced her alter ego, The Phone Lady, a North American company that focuses on excellent telephone communication skills. Mary Jane has worked with over 300 clients and her expertise has been recognized throughout North America and Europe by a wide-range of business media – radio, television and print – including the Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of The Phone Book: Essential Telephone Communication Skills.