Q: I have just written the first draft of my book.  Should I use your services?

A:  No.  Before considering any manuscript evaluation service, your book should have undergone several drafts.

Q: What is the difference between a manuscript evaluation and a substantive edit?

A:  A manuscript evaluation is for writers who are not quite ready to submit their manuscript to a publisher or agent. A substantive edit is designed for writers readying their final manuscript for submission to a publisher or agent or to self-publish.

Q: Do you guarantee that my book will be published if I pay for your manuscript evaluation service?

A:  Absolutely Not!  Publishers have their own criteria for choosing manuscripts to publish; we have no control over this process.

Q: What if I decide to self-publish?

A: Then our manuscript evaluation service will be very helpful to you. For starters, you may decide after reading the evaluation that your manuscript is not quite ready to self-publish (which will save you money in the long run.)  Alternatively, the evaluation could give you that final boost to venture forth and self-publish.

Q: Who will provide the manuscript evaluation?

A: One of Boularderie Island Press’s in-house editors will be assigned your manuscript.

Q: How are your editors different from in-house editors at a publishing company?

A: Our editors are all published writers and all of them are engaged in their own current writing projects.  They are more concerned with where your manuscript takes them rather than where they think it should go based on how other books are selling in the marketplace or what is fashionable at the moment.