Submission Guidelines for Manuscript Evaluation

  •  The Manuscript Evaluation Service is not a substantive or copy editing service.
  • Use of our Manuscript Evaluation Service will not guarantee publication.

You will receive commentary on the following (as applicable to the manuscript):

  • Plot
  • Structure
  • Characterization
  • Content: dialogue, setting, believability
  • Technique
  • Suggestions to develop the manuscript
  • Overall summary of work
  • Response to three questions asked of the manuscript by the writer.

Submission Format:

  • We require your manuscript as both a Word attachment and a hard copy.
  • The hard copy version of your manuscript will not be returned unless you supply sufficient return postage.
  • Submissions must be type-written,  double-spaced (2.0 in Word), twelve-point size, easy-to-read font (preferably Times Roman) with one-inch margins,, printed on one side only, on white paper.
  • On a separate sheet of paper include a list of three specific questions you would like the evaluator to address (optional); a brief (one or two paragraph) synopsis of your manuscript; indicate your copyright on the cover page.
  • Long-hand submissions will not be accepted.

The evaluating process will take up to nine weeks, depending upon the length of the submission.