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The Night Life of Chairs by Charlotte Musial


ISBN: 978-1-926448-23-7

In The Night Life of Chairs we meet poet Charlotte Musial, who grew up, in today’s parlance, as a ‘free-range’ kid—denizen of woods and fields, blueberry barrens and cranberry bogs, beaches, bays, and shores. Her childhood environs and experiences primed her for the Romantic Poets in high school, inspired her then, and continue to inform her adult writing life now. Readers will find echoes of their own childhoods in some of these pages and of a later maturity in others. The Night Life of Chairs is an intimate and honest collection of poetry where the author invites the reader to explore her seasons, her landscapes, her heart.

Charlotte Musial was born in Scotchtown, Cape Breton. She graduated St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing with an RN diploma, and for many years she practised  as a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Nova Scotia. Later, she graduated CBU with a BA and taught essay writing, grammar, and comprehension at that institution. Charlotte’s personal essays, features, short fiction, and poetry have found homes in local, regional, and national venues. These include The Cape Bretoner, The Atlantic Advocate, Pottersfield Portfolio, Canadian Writers Journal, and, more recently, as short fiction in anthologies published by The Nashwaak Review (St. Thomas University Press), Thirteen Ways from Sunday (Boularderie Island Press), and Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories (Third Person Press), and Breton Books.

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Country Garden In an English Garden by Charlotte Musial

Twin sisters Shirley and Temple emerge from Polly’s belly squalling, screeching, and competitive, six months after the death of Polly’s husband. As the years pass the twins and their older brother Poke strain Polly’s maternal love on a daily basis. When an unwelcome gift arrives from Polly’s sister in Toronto for the twins ‘to share,’ Polly knows the time has come for drastic action.


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