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Chasing the Wind Whales by Daniel Nicholson

Boularderie Island Press

ISBN: 978-1-926448-71-8


Chasing the Wind Whales follows the adventures of Lark, a young girl from a small fishing village. The loss of a friend sets her off on a quest to find and fly with the elusive wind whales. These giant gentle creatures glide through the air and hide within the clouds to avoid becoming entangled with the garbage that rises into the skies from the world below. Her encounters with the wind whales give her a new sense of purpose: to do her part in protecting all creatures from environmental hazards. Chasing the Wind Whales is a chapter book appropriate for elementary school students and contains many activity pages that encourage children to personalize the book by adding their own pictures between the covers!

Daniel Nicholson

Growing up among the fields, forests, mountains and waters of Cape Breton Daniel Nicholson established a strong love of the natural world. After graduating college he travelled throughout Canada and the United States working with various Youth Organizations, mentoring youth in leadership and personal growth through their experiences in nature. From diving for Moon Snails in the Northumberland Strait, to paddling above Loons and Snapping Turtles in Ontario and Manitoba, he was able to experience and also share the magic of the natural world with campers and co-workers alike. Daniel has a Degree in Community Studies from Cape Breton University and is currently pursuing an Education Degree through Saint Francis Xavier University where he can continue to build his passion of child development and experiential learning.

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