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The Magic Compass by Douglas Arthur Brown

Set in the enchanted Island Kingdom, The Magic Compass is a delightful Christmas adventure for children, to be read aloud, one chapter at a time, on each of the days of December leading up to Christmas. The story’s rich narrative, unforgettable characters, playful humour and full-colour illustrations make this book a great family read that is sure to become a holiday tradition.

The Island Kingdom is inhabited by humans, trolls and nisses (elves) who embark on spirited, sometimes perilous escapades as they anticipate and prepare for Christmas. Day by day as the story unfolds, many mysterious and wondrous things are revealed: the secrets of the Nisse Hand Book; the trolls’ Vat of Boiling Milk; the wizard’s Book of Charms; and of course the Magic Compass.

For over two decades, The Magic Compass has been entertaining families around the world. In 2000, the Nova Scotia Department of Education placed the book in all provincial elementary schools.

ISBN: 978-1-926448-55-8

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The Island Hoppers by Douglas Arthur Brown

Illustrations: Joshua Kaiser

What you are about to read in the pages of this book will surprise you, no doubt delight you, and most certainly enlighten you. This astonishing narrative reveals that before the great glaciers began to melt thousands of years ago and the waters swelled, the North Atlantic Ocean was populated by many small islands. On these islands lived several species of creatures called The Island Hoppers, each with its own unique, and often bizarre, way of life. As their islands began to slip beneath the rising seas they travelled for months, perhaps years, until finally they found a new home. It was a beautiful island, large enough for all of them, with vast resources to meet their needs. That island was what we now know as Cape Breton. This book is the world’s first glimpse into the lives of the Island Hoppers. It will introduce you to the fierce Hhorts, with their thick garnet-hued leathery skin; and the peaceful Brens, who wrapped themselves in eelgrass and slept in stone vaults for fifteen-year hibernation cycles. The secret is out, and the Brens, Hhorts, Velyns, Gnags, Tomboms, Yrtles and Selch are now yours to discover.

ISBN: 978-1-926448-09-1

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Seeds 1

Seeds by Douglas Arthur Brown

Aphra Abrams, an internationally renowned television gardening expert, is on the brink of retirement when she locates the child she gave up for adoption fifty years ago. However, Caroline comes with an unexpected complication: a man she believes to be her blood brother and Aphra’s son.

All three, together with Aphra’s enigmatic assistant Hada at their side, weave a tangled web of survival, choice, love, resentment, and hope. From the botany of Canada to the formal gardens of England; from the intimate and famous historical jardins of France to the deserts of Niger, they explore where blood ends and relationship begins, redefining the very seeds of family in a global modern age.

ISBN: 978-0-9918552-2-3



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The Komodo Dragon and Other Stories by Douglas Arthur Brown

The diversity of theme, voice and setting in the nine stories that make up Douglas Arthur Brown’s collection, show his versatility as a writer of fiction. Brown’s edgy treatment of cultural difference, forgiveness, marriage, infidelity, moral/ethical issues, myth and death is sometime poignant, sometimes disturbing. From the women and men pursuing love in foreign languages to boys navigating the rough terrain of family life and friendship, Brown’s characters take us beyond the boundaries of regional literature – from Glace Bay to Toronto, Denmark, Italy, Macedonia and China. These wildly divergent stories are nonetheless unified by a single theme: universal human need for connection with other beings.

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Quintet by Douglas Arthur Brown

From Copenhagen, Toronto, and Halifax, three brothers, identical triplets, are summoned home by the death of their parents in a freak accident. Adrian, Rory, and Cameron return to Cape Breton, the island home they left in their youth. They are together for the first time in many years. As each recounts his separate path, they begin to identify the steps that led each one away from the other two.

And at every step, the triplets find themselves in the shadow of their older brother Talbot—the Big B—and the family secret Talbot has hoarded for a generation.

Quintet is a kaleidoscope of unforgettable characters, buoyed by humour and limned with intelligence, an often irreverent, sometimes raw, and uncommonly honest journey toward love and truth.

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