Books: Mary Jane Copps

Do you want to enhance your sales or fundraising skills?
Start your own business?
Improve your job search?
Expand your career options?
Speak with more confidence on the phone in any situation?

The Phone Book eliminates the intimidation and fear that sets in when you start to dial. With clear language, fun stories and quick, simple lessons, you’ll learn how to leave messages, inspire conversation, book meetings and appointments, follow up on emails and texts, close a sale, handle complaints, facilitate conference calls and much, much more.

Since 2006 Mary Jane has embraced her alter ego, The Phone Lady, a North American company that focuses on excellent telephone communication skills. Mary Jane has worked with over 300 clients and her expertise has been recognized throughout North America and Europe by a wide-range of business media – radio, television and print – including the Wall Street Journal. She began her telephone sales career in 1987 when she founded the national research firm, Media Link Inc. She quickly discovered that in order to grow the business she needed to improve her phone communication skills. She started studying and analyzing hours and days and years of recorded conversations of herself and her sales team, and developed fool-proof methods of capturing anyone’s attention on the phone, inspiring conversation, booking appointments and closing sales.