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Proof 3 Cover AQUAAQUA: Waterways of Cape Breton

by Pat O’Neil

Photography: Barry Morrison

Boularderie Island Press

ISBN: 978-1-926448-10-7


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Cape Breton is one of the most admired and celebrated islands in the world. There are many reasons why this is so, not the least of which is its wealth of remarkable waterways. Most notable is the Bras d’Or Lake, a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve, one of only sixteen in Canada. The Margaree-Lake Ainslie River System, another of Cape Breton’s treasures, was designated in 1998 as Nova Scotia’s first Canadian Heritage River.

AQUA: The Waterways of Cape Breton celebrates these and many other of the island’s rivers, lakes and harbours. In this book you will discover much about Cape Breton’s waterways, including their physical features and how each of these waterways contributed to our natural and human history. You’ll learn practical facts, such as species of fish in each waterway and where marinas and beaches are located, and for the believers, some folklore and ‘fish stories’. AQUA is not a guide book. It is a ‘casual reference’, as useful and informative for outdoor enthusiasts as it is entertaining for armchair adventurers.

Pat O’Neil has worked for thirty years in the writing/publishing industry as a writer, editor and publisher. She was Managing Editor and principal writer for The Cape Bretoner Magazine for six years. She has been published in several Canadian magazines and newspapers and has worked as a copywriter and producer for both radio and TV. As owner and operator of Solus Publishing she published books by several local authors. She has written two travel guides and two hiking books and has co-written eight full-length screenplays.

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Beaches of Cape Breton

Beaches of Cape Breton
ISBN: 978-1-926448-16-9

No matter where you go in Cape Breton, you’re never very far from a beach. Stretching along the shores of countless bays and harbours, beaches of all descriptions and personalities abound — created and shaped over time by wind, waves and tides, no two exactly alike. Beaches of Cape Breton is an open invitation to everyone who craves a getaway from the hubbub of daily life — a place where sun sparkles off blue-green water and the warmth of the sand melts away troubles, if only for a few hours. You may choose to stretch out on the glorious sand dunes of Aspy Bay, stroll the cobbled coastlines of Framboise, or spend a family day in a secluded inlet on the Bras d’Or. Whatever your preference, Beaches of Cape Breton will be your personal guide to these very special places. In an informative and user-friendly format, this book will tell you exactly where to find these beaches and what to expect when you get there. You will learn important details such as beach access, on-site amenities, lifeguard services, environmental concerns, and much more. And as an added bonus, scanable codes will connect you with current weather conditions, tides, maps, and a wide range of other relevant information.

Whether you love to swim, stroll, build sandcastles, boogie board, commune with nature or just chill — in Cape Breton THERE’S A BEACH FOR THAT!

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