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Robyn Marie Butt Reading Poem Written For Wedding

Watch Robyn Marie Butt read her poem written for Judith and Dyane at their wedding, October 17, 2015

An accomplished professional writer in every dramatic and written form, equally adept at comedy and tragedy, drama or domestic farce, Robyn Marie Butt has been both a professional Toronto playwright (multiple residencies), and a writer of drama. Her audio dramas have won honours & awards nationally and internationally; as an author, culture critic and creative essayist she’s published a volume of short stories, Seasons of Ordinary Time, to glowing reviews and appeared in many magazines, earning a pair of National Magazine Award nominations. More recently, Robyn has been practicing poetry, placing in several national poetry competitions. An experienced reader and public presenter, formerly a live public radio show host, her philosophy is simple: Enter the body and its senses as filtered by the heart. Let Character and Story inform all words. Then let the words become music.

As a writer, Robyn is author of the seminal work of bridging spirituality, The Dance of Yeshua – Christ In a Psychic World. Her column “Diary of a Smalltown Psychic” appears regularly in The Open Road, national magazine of Edgar Cayce Canada.

Robyn is a lively, engaging, experienced presenter at conferences and spirituality/wellness events. She specializes in debunking myths around psychic practice or exploring the bridges between New Age and Christian spirituality. Her talks, discussions, and demonstrations have been enjoyed by worship, study, & inquiry groups, high school & college classes, adult learning programs, service clubs, spirituality associations, private gatherings, and on live radio.

In all of Robyn’s workshops, the state of one’s Christian/New Age belief (or lack of it) doesn’t matter. Her talks are intended as inspirations for life.

For enrichment Robyn has written & produced dramatic works for charity events. She’s a parent and active member of the United Church of Canada.

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